About us



Why sing?

Singing in a choir is a fantastic and uplifting experience.  Joining a choir to rehearse is a great way of meeting new people who all have the same goal and share in the thrill of making music together. 

Rehearsals and Repertoire

Market Harborough Choral Society meets weekly each Tuesday evening for rehearsals in Market Harborough (mainly during school term time) and perform a very wide repertoire of traditional and modern choral music.  We pride ourselves on being inclusive and welcoming.  We are a non-audition choir with over 60 singers of all ages and anyone is welcome, young voices included.

Music Director and Accompanist

For more information about the MD

and our Accompanist click here.

Regular concerts

We perform four main concerts a year at venues in Market Harborough and also perform in a small choir format for local community and private events.

If you have not heard Market Harborough Choral Society before or you are considering joining a choir, then why not come along to one of our concerts, attend a rehearsal or listen to some of our concert recordings.  We would love to see you - either in our audience or as part of the choir.  


The Society's history goes back to between the wars; the most recent summary was produced by David Johnson for the 40th anniversary in 2007.  His history may be downloaded from here.

For any other enquiries about the Choral Society, please contact:

Chair:          Clive Hookins             Email: chair@harboroughchoral.org

Secretary:   Elizabeth New            Email: secretary@harboroughchoral.org