The Choir

Each year we send a list of names and addresses and the amounts paid by members to HMRC. Once processed by HMRC we are sent a cheque for what we have claimed.  This money is then used to further the aims of the Choral Society.

Working as a Team

We do not hold auditions; our only requirements are that you should be able to sing, hold a note, attend regular rehearsals and practise in your own time.

Social Events

Shortly after the summer concert a social event takes place to round off the year in celebratory fashion.

Joining in

The Choir also gets invited to take part in local Community events, including Christmas carols at the Market Hall.

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Choir Social 2019 3
Choir Social 2019 2
Choir Social 2019 1


Welcome to the 'Members' section. This contains information to help you while you sing with us.