Practice aids

Preparation before Rehearsals

Learning the music

Everyone is expected to do some preparation before the Tuesday rehearsals.  This may be just looking through the music and noting the repeat marks and the da capo signs so you know where you are going from one page / bar to the next.  It may be reading the words in the correct rhythm.  It may be listening to the work on a CD or playing your part on a piano or keyboard.

If you don't have access to a piano or keyboard it can be difficult to prepare between formal rehearsals.  If you are reading this you clearly have access to a computer and the Internet, which is where you can find various on-line products to play back the music for you.  Some play-back options are listed below.


There is an excellent piece of computer software called 'Scorch' supplied by Sibelius Software of Bedford.  This is a wonderful means of rehearsing music of all sorts and as an additional bonus it is all free! 

The Scorch software works as a plug-in to your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc etc) and enables your PC or Apple to show the score on your screen and to play the music with your 'voice' brought forward so that it is louder than the accompaniment. You can adjust the speed and repeat the playback at will using the menu bar at the top of the score.  Download the Scorch software here.

John Fletcher Music

Note that 'Scorch' is software only and does not contain scores, playable music or even links to sources of rehearsal material.  To find and download, or play the music on-line, you must first visit a suitable site such as John Fletcher's Music where there is a collection of scores and playable MP3 files.  John is from Leicestershire and is often associated with local choral events.   If there isn't a particular piece of music that you need you can email John and ask him to create it for you (and the rest of us).  Just be patient!   John Fletcher's music website can be accessed here.

You need to register and there are a number of different accounts available. If it is an out of copyright version then it is free, but if you need a copyright version then there is a fee. Again, a range of options are available for 4months, 6months or a year.


There are many sites offering rehearsal scores and playback using WMP over the Internet.  Beware as not all of these are free nor are all without overhead and other baggage.

An open site called Choralia - click here - has mp3 files with voice which works but sounds decidedly odd - a bit like 'Sparky'.  As above, the procedure is to select the piece and then your 'voice'.  You will need to repeat the process each time you visit the site or change the item you want to rehearse.

Chord Perfect
A Youtube resource giving individual voice parts. Unlike many solutions the voice part is sung by the appropriate voice part, rather than an instrument which is much easier to follow.
Just go to Youtube and search for Chord Perfect, - Click here - and the piece you want and voice part, or simply enter the search into your browser. For example: “chord perfect vivaldi gloria tenor part” (without the quotes). A range of sections will appear, just play the one you want. 

This is probably the most comprehensive site Web site: Click here.

This is a free to join but paid for site on each download with a cost of between £9.99 for download or £13 for CD.

Setting up an account is free and simple. We have also registered the choir for a discount. So when you purchase enter the code MARKET.

If anyone has another favourite let us know and we will publish.

Adobe and pdf

If you need the software to open PDF format files it is available for free on;  just follow the instructions.  Note that at the download page you might also like to deselect the option to download the McAfee scan software as this can conflict with your existing anti-virus protection.