Rules of the Society

As with all organisations, it is necessary to have a few rules to ensure the smooth running of the Society.  Our general rules of membership are as follows:


Members are expected to attend regularly and may not be eligible to sing in a concert if they have not attended at least 75% of rehearsals.

Members are expected to attend the Saturday afternoon rehearsal on concert day.  In exceptional circumstances members may miss this rehearsal so long as they have attended the previous Tuesday rehearsal.  Members who miss the final Tuesday and the Saturday afternoon will not be eligible to sing in the concert.


Members cannot ‘opt in and out’ of concert sessions and pay accordingly.  MHCS membership involves a yearly financial commitment.  Members may opt not to do a particular session but they must still pay the yearly subscription.

All subscriptions are to be paid by the third week of rehearsal in September.  In future, subscription levels will be set at the AGM for the following year so there is no need to wait until the AGM before collection.

Subscriptions fees are your membership fees for the year.  Consequently, if you are a member on 1st September, your subscription is due in full by the 3rd week in September.  Subscriptions are due at this time and cannot be deferred.

Should you wish to spread your subscription payments, you may do so by passing to the treasurer post-dated cheques spreading the payment between September and December.  Subscriptions for new members joining after this date will be calculated on a pro rata basis from their start date.


Rehearsals start at 7.30 p.m. on Tuesdays.  Please be prompt.

The Register, which can be found at the back of the hall, must be signed at the beginning of each rehearsal.


If members know that they will not be attending a session, the librarian must be informed well in advance so that music can be allocated effectively.  If music is not collected at the beginning of a session (within the first two weeks) it may be reallocated and a replacement may not be available.

Music is usually distributed at the first rehearsal for each concert, enabling a prompt start for rehearsals of the next concert.  This is done at 7.15 p.m.

You will be assigned a choir number which is put on all your music and all music must be signed for via the Librarian.

All music must be returned on the night of the concert or as soon as possible before a concert if you are not able to take part.  Late returns may incur a financial penalty.

Concert folders are issued to all members for a deposit of £4.50 which is refunded if you leave and return the folder in good condition.

Care of Music:

All instructions from the Musical Director must be marked only in pencil.

All pencil markings (except choir no.) to be erased before being returned.

Music must be returned in the folder with your number / name on it.

No sellotape / staples / marker tabs that you have put in should be left in.

No hole punches to be put in any music ever.

No staples should be used. 

If you repair a piece of music with sellotape then please let the Librarian know.

No photocopies that you may have made to be handed in.

Music signed out to you is your personal responsibility.  Lost or damaged music will have to be paid for by you.

Small Choir:

The Small Choir is managed by a nominated member of the Choir (usually the Assistant Musical Director) and any member of the main chorus wishing to take part in small choir events must contact the AMD.  In order to maintain a proper balance and size, small choir membership is by invitation only.  From time to time lists for singers for specific events may be opened and placed with the registers for members to sign and offer their services.  You should watch out for these as they will only be available until the necessary voices have signed up.

Concert dress:

Men:           Black open neck shirts. Black  trouser and Black shoes.

                  Occasionally a coloured tie will be used (notice will be given)

Ladies:        Black top with sleeves to the elbow

                  Long black skirt preferred but a “ bottom of the calf”

                  length skirt is acceptable if worn with black tights /

                  stockings.  Dress trousers may also be worn. Black shoes.

                  Occasionally evening dresses or other items may be worn

                  (notice will be given).

Concert Etiquette:

No bags are to be taken on to the stage unless it is a “clutch” bag, which can be concealed behind a folder.

Water bottles must be placed on stage before a performance.

When not singing hold your folder with logo facing towards the audience

Rotas and Jobs needing your help:

It is hoped that you (and your family/friends) will help with activities that ensure efficient rehearsals and concerts:

  1. Everyone should help put out chairs and when requested stack chairs at the end of the rehearsal
  2. Members are asked to assist in setting out staging for a concert and putting staging away after a concert
  3. Members are asked to volunteer to help the team who decorate the hall for Christmas and Summer concerts
  4. Teams of family / friends are needed for ushering, front of house duties and welcoming audiences for our concerts
  5. Teams of family / friends are needed to help with concert refreshments