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Market Harborough Choral Society

Registered Charity: 105716 Founded: 1967


Chair: Neil Ryrie

Secretary: Trevena Champion

Treasurer: Katherine Bentley

Librarian: Christine Pierce

See Contacts page for email addressess of the Officers, Committee and other roles


The Market Harborough Choral Society has a constitution which can be seen by clicking here.

Dates of committee meetings:



Date of Annual General Meeting:

Tuesday 24 October 2017

at 7.30 pm at Market Harborough Methodist Church

Charity Status

The Market Harborough Choral Society is a registered charity, number: 506713

We have a stated aim to educate the public about Choral Music whilst enjoying rehearsing and performing.


Bank Details

To pay your subscriptions by BACS please use the following details:

Account Name: M.H.C.S.

Sort Code: 40-32-04

Account No. 01088939

Reference: Please use your surname followed by initials


Gift Aid

As a Registered Charity under UK law, MHCS may reclaim the tax you have already paid on your membership and any other donations under the Gift Aid Scheme. You can help MHCS increase its funds by signing the Gift Aid Declaration, but only if you are a UK tax payer and will pay tax in the year you have paid your subscription etc. Click here for a copy of the Gift Aid Declaration to download and complete.


How Gift Aid works:

Full membership of MHCS is £85 per year. If you pay tax on any income, be it salary, investments, pension or other income, MHCS can claim back from HM Revenue & Customs an additional £21.25 at no cost to you. This is because we can claim back the income tax you have already paid to HMRC on the amount you pay to MHCS.


Each year we send a list of names and addresses and the amounts paid by members to HMRC. Once processed by HMRC we are sent a cheque for what we have claimed. This money is then used to further the aims of the Choral Society.